Food Security

Fish farming

The increase in human population and reports of large numbers of people, undernourished or starving, has made the need for food production a major worldwide issue of concern. For most lakes and rivers, the maximum sustainable fishing limit has been exceeded. Fish production will have to depend on aquaculture to bridge the gap of fish supply.

This project creates sustainable employment for many people from different communities along the shores of lake victoria especially the people in koome islands, Mukono District and support the surrounding communities with an alternative source of protein and modern fish farming techniques to hundreds of residents in the district – thereby create livelihoods for many more families.

Major objectives of an integrated fish culture are:

  • To reduce operating costs and maximize the farmer's income.
  • To develop a more economic ration for fish from wastes to useful fish protein production.
  • To solve the waste management problem.
  • To control the pollution problem associated with livestock (in the form of fly and odour).

Goat Rearing 

The overall objective is to project is to improve the quality and quantity of goats reared and produced from different districts in Uganda like Mukono District for household income enhancement and poverty eradication in those District.

Objectives of Goat Rearing

  • Breed improvement in goats.
  • Provide quality germplasm to farmers.
  • Promote commercial goat farming
  • Women empowerment through goat husbandry
  • Value addition of Goat milk